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Meet Lauren

Certified Bookkeeper / Organizing Obsessive / Numbers Nut / MBA / Animal Lover / Stockbroker / Gardening Guru / Corporate Trainer /Happy Traveler / Netflix Binger / Book Club Reader / Summer Enthusiast / Wine Lover / France Fanatic / Coffee Lover  

A little more about me...

I started my professional journey in the financial sector as a brokerage trader, later transitioning into the corporate training world.


Regardless of my professional role, one constant has been my unwavering passion for numbers and an almost therapeutic love for organization. I find joy in bringing order to everything—whether it's a messy kitchen, a cluttered garage, or most importantly, your business books.


This knack for organization does more than just clean up; it brings clarity and peace, setting the stage for you to make well-informed, strategic business decisions with ease. 


Work With Me

SmartBird Solutions is your dependable financial partner, focused on streamlining your finances and delivering actionable insights for smarter business decisions.


My expertise lies in demystifying numbers, customizing reports, and ensuring your financial data is both insightful and easy to understand.


No worries if you're not a numbers person—that's my specialty! I'm always available to answer questions or give guidance. I'm committed to helping you maintain organized and clean financial records, empowering you to focus on what you do best.

One of my superpowers is that I'm a very curious person and I'm interested in a lot of things! You'll find I always ask a ton of questions, so I can understand every detail about your business. 

What we leave in

Easy collaboration
No judgement
Less stress
Relaxed vibe
Clean books

What we leave out

Useless reports
Bad communication
Inefficient practices
Messy books
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